New Rare New Parts

105 Coupe



1750 GTV MK1, Giulia saloon,thick rubber seal, 105.44, fits under indicator unit, on front bumper. 15.00

1750 GTV,MK1, Giulia saloon, thin rubber seal, 105.44, fits under indicator,side light unit on bumber, right side. 12.00
RP100003 early Gilua sprint Gt, GTV reservior cap, up to 1970, 105.14.45, original Alfa. 12.00
RP100005 Giulia wiper arm, 105.44. 12.00
RP100009 GT outer door handle with keys right side original Alfa new old stock. 110.00


Air box clips to fit round type air box  all 105 series cars. 20.00 pair


step front clear indicator lens NOS 25.00


GT Junior steering wheel centre NOS 40.00


1750 GTV- Berlina front indicator- side light unit with lens and rubber NOS 150.00


1750 GTV inner headlight ring NOS 100.00


1750 GTV MK1 front corner Bumper NOS 250.00


Bertone GTV Door left NOS 1500.00


Bertone GTV Right Door NOS 1500.00


1750 GTV Chrome centre Heart Grille NOS 280.00


1750 GTV MK1 rear light lens set NOS 250.00


1750 GTV Pair Mesh Grille sections NOS 400.00


1750 GTV steering wheel centre NOS SOLD


Giulia sprint GT Boot lid skript NOS SOLD
RP100023 GT rear light lens set early cars NOS 150.00
RP100024 GTV 2000 stainless steel hub cap set  NOS SOLD
RP100025 GTV 2000 Front indicator side light unit OSLA NOS 85.00
RP100026 GTV 2000 Indicator side light lens OSLA NOS 30.00
RP100027 GTV 2000 Indicator side light unit set OLSA NOS SOLD
RP100028 GTV inner light - grab handle left side NOS 100.00
RP100029 GTV lens set OSLA NOS 60.00
RP100030 Step front 1300 GTJunior Pair mesh Grille sections NOS  300.00
RP100031 Giulia Hub cap set 1966-67 car Duetto- Sprint GT Veloce etc, very rare not Avaialble on the open market NOS 250.00
RP100032 Step front indicator side light lens  NOS 25.00
RP100033 Step front Pair front indicator- side light lenses Altissimo NOS 50.00
RP100034 Giulia sprint GT Boot lid skript NOS SOLD
RP100035 Giulia sprint GT Centre Heart Chrome Grille NOS 275.00
RP100036 Giulia sprint GT- GT Veloce head light surrounds NOS 150.00
RP100037 Giulia sprint GT GT Veloce Step front Bonnet NOS SOLD
RP100038 GTV 2000 Right rear light unit NOS 200.00
RP100039 GTV Bertone columb surround top section NOS 75.00
RP100040 GTV front wing NOS 650.00
RP100041 GTV inner light NOS Carello 35.00
RP100042 weber carbruettor Original made in Italy NOS 350.00
RP100043 1300 - 1600 GTJunior Pair mesh side grille sections NOS  300.00
RP100044 1750 GTV- Berlina front indicator side light chrome unit NOS 125.00
RP100045 1750 GTV- Berlina front indicator side light unit with lens NOS 150.00
RP100046 1750 GTV Berlina indicator side light lens NOS 30.00
RP100047 1750 GTV C pillar Badge NOS SOLD
RP100048 Giulia sprint GT Veloce Pair Mesh Grille sections NOS 500.00
RP100049 Giulia sprint GT Veloce Pair of C pillar Badges NOS SOLD
RP100050 Giulia sprint GTC boot lid skript New 65.00
RP100051 Giulia sprint GT-GTV radio blanking cover NOS SOLD
RP100052 GT 1300 Junior Boot lid skript NOS 90.00
RP100053 1750 GTV grile set Nos 600.00
RP100054 Giulia sprint GT Veloce grile end peace Nos 95.00
RP100055 GTV outer Door handle left side no key Nos 50.00
RP100056 Giulia Sprint GT -GTC- GT Veloce,right side rear light unit Carello metal backing, SOLD